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While the complex topic of smart grid is being developed from multiple angles, the concept of smart grid using electric vehicles (EVs) is still fairly new. EVs are providing substantial storage to a city’s grid, a key component in mitigating intermittency issues of power sources, but the batteries of EVs also need to be charged at times when their users need them. Thus, V2G (vehicle-to-grid) is becoming an important issue in the future grid. This book offers an integrated treatment of V2G, from power generation, monitoring and storage, in stationary and electric vehicle batteries, to control techniques.

Vehicle-to-Grid: Linking Electric Vehicles to the Smart Grid provides an overview and considers the salient topics of the connection between the stationary grid and EV storage. It will be of interest to researchers and advanced students in electric vehicles and smart grid technologies, and policy-makers and planners developing smart grid infrastructure and sustainable transport initiatives. 

  • Isbn: 978 1 84919 855 4

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