Understanding Manual J® - A Companion Guide

Understanding Manual J® - A Companion Guide

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Understanding Manual J® - A Companion Guide


ACCA's Manual J®, Residential Load Calculation Method is the recognized industry standard when it comes to the correct sizing and selection of HVAC equipment in residential applications.

In order to determine the size of the air conditioner required, a load calculation must first be performed on the home. A load calculation is a complex set of mathematical equations that are used to determine the sensible cooling, latent cooling, and heating BTU values required to deliver maximum comfort and efficiency. Load calculations can be a complex and confusing process, which is why we have created Understanding Manual J - A Companion Guide. It's the must have book for anyone who is just learning to perform a load calculation or looking to use an ACCA approved software program or app to run a Manual J.

A Manual J heat loss and heat gain calculation considers most of the factors that affect HVAC equipment sizing, including the climate; the size, shape, and orientation of the house; the home's air leakage rate; the amount of insulation installed; the window areas, window orientations, and glazing specifications; the type of lighting and major home appliances; and the number and even the age of the occupants. This book looks at all these factors and breaks it down in real terms with easy to understand examples.

This book is written by Jack Rise, an ACCA EPIC certified instructor for all of the ACCA residential and commercial design manuals including the 8th Edition of Manual J, Manual D®, Manual S®, Manual N®, and Manual Q®. Jack is the author and presenter of the ACCA HVAC Essentials series and the NATE Essentials series of training CDs. He has extensive industry experience having worked as a contractor for 18 years, as a distributor of HVAC products for 13 years, and for a major HVAC manufacturer for 5 years.