The Microflow Cytometer

The Microflow Cytometer

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The field of microfluidic flow cytometry is growing at a fast rate. This volume describes the development of inexpensive, portable flow cytometers through incorporation of microfluidic technologies and small optical components. The book discusses the underlying microfluidic theories essential for microflow cytometry, as well as advances that are representative of the current state-of-the-art. Numerous research groups leading the field are currently presenting design and fabrication strategies for these innovative component technologies, and the book reviews integration of the components into functional prototype devices for analysis and manipulation of particles and cells. It also examines multiple currently available commercial systems to highlight both strengths and areas for improvement.


Table of Contents

The History of Flow Cytometry and Sorting, H Shapiro
Analysis of Single Cells Using Lab-on-a-Chip Systems, T Preckel
Luminex Personal Flow Cytometers, W Roth
The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer, C Rich & G Howes
Capillary Flow Cytometry, D King et al.
Sheathless Particle Focusing, S Choi et al.
Two-Dimensional Particle Focusing, J Shin & M Ladisch
Three-Dimensional Particle Focusing, P Howell
Fluidic Control: Pumps and Valves, S Zheng et al.
Integrated Optics, Y Hosseini & K Kaler
Polymer Photonics, D Leuenberger & M Ramuz
Electrical Detection, M Di Berardino
Electronics, J Erickson et al.
Optical Micro-FACS, K Patel & T Perroud
Raman-based Label-free Cell Analysis and Sorting, J Chan
Autonomous Pathogen Detection System, J Dzenitis & A Makarewicz
Laser-based Fabrication with Integrated Optical Waveguides, M Dugan et al.
Systems Integration, J Kim et al.

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