Surface Production Operations: Volume IV: Pump and Compressor Systems: Mechanical Design and Specification 1st Edition

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The fourth volume in this classic series, Pump and Compressor Systems: Mechanical Design and Equipment and Specification presents readers with a hands on manual for applying mechanical and physical principles to select and design pump and compressor systems. Packed with charts, tables, and diagrams, this authoritative book provides practicing engineer and senior field personnel with a quick but rigorous exposition of pump and compressor systems theory, fundamentals, and application. Readers find expert advice for determining TDH, NPSH, BHP power requirements, discharge temperature, parallel/series operation and their impact on the operating conditions; developing system-head curves and performance considerations; pump and compressor driver selection. In addition, the author provide readers with a guide to applying international design codes / standards such as API 610, API 674, ANSI B78.1, API 617, API 11P, API RP 14C, and the Hydraulic Institute. With this book, readers learn not only what, but, how pump and compressor systems work but also the limitations, operating/maintenance considerations and trouble-shooting of these systems. The book also emphasises the understanding of the internal workings of pump and compressor systems and their components.

Key Features

  • Hydraulic principles Fluid Principles and Hydraulics
  • Pump and Piping installation guidelines
  • Covers application and performance considerations for all types of Pumps and compressors
  • Application of compression theory


Piping Engineers, Designers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Petroleum Engineers and Chemical Engineers

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Pumps
    2. Pump Fundamentals
    3. Centrifugal Pumps
    4. Positive Displacement Pumps
    5. Overview of Compressors
    6. Centrifugal Compressors
    7. Positive Displacement Compressors
    8. Driver Selection 

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