Super Tech Aid (Reference Guide for Instrument Technicians)

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: Super Tech Aid

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A Reference Guide for Instrument Technicians was compiled in 1983 by Charley R. Wofford as Super Tech Reference Guide for Instrument Technicians. It was updated in 2005 as Super Tech Aid Reference Guide for Instrument Technicians under a new copyright by him.

STILL POCKET SIZE IN VINYL COVER. Original author of the SuperTech reference guide for instrument technicians is a retired Instrument Technician. He always kept small pieces of paper with information pertaining to the instruments in his pocket or wallet. In 1982 he was working, under Contract, at Shell in Martinez, California. He went to the top of the tower, in the summer time, and sweated so badly he couldn't read his notes to aid him in completing the task. He decided to compile the information that "Techs" needed to refer to most often, and put it in a vinyl cover and make it pocket size. He called it SUPER TECH Reference Guide for Instrument Technicians. In 1993, he was working under Contract at Exxon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as an Instrument Designer. He wrote a Hazop procedure manual and eventually wrote the Super Designer book. In 2008 he REWROTE THE OLD SUPER TECH guide, ADDED 25 pages of information and named it the SUPER TECH AID Reference Guide for Instrument Technician. In 2009, he wrote the QUICK AND HANDY MEMORY AID. The SUPER TECH AID has ALL OF THE ORIGINAL INFORMATION FROM THE OLD SUPER TECH, plus over 25 pages of additional information, it is still the same pocket size and still in a vinyl cover.