Reduction in Organic Synthesis

Reduction in Organic Synthesis

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  • Covers different types of reducing agents including catalytic hydrogenation, homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation, asymmetric catalytic hydrogenations, hydride transfer reagents, dissolving metal reductions and non-metallic reducing agents
  • Includes material on photochemical reductions, enzymatic or microbial reduction, and reductions of specific type of organic compounds including hydrocarbons, alcohols and phenols, aldehydes, and ketones, and more
  • Describes hydrogenolysis and some reductions under benign condition


Reduction plays a crucial role in organic synthesis. A large number of organic syntheses involve reduction at some stage. This volume presents the array of reducing agents and their applications in reductions. A number of reagents of importance are described in great detail. The book also includes reduction of specific types of organic compounds.


Table of Contents


Different Types of Reducing Agents
Catalytic Hydrogenation
Hydride-Transfer Reagents
Dissolving Metal Reductions
Nonmetallic Reducing Agents

Reduction of Specific Types of Organic Compounds
Reduction of Hydrocarbons
Reduction of Alcohols And Phenols
Reduction of Aldehydes
Reduction of Ketones
Reduction of Carboxylic Acids And Its Derivatives
Reduction of Nitro Compounds
Reduction of Nitriles


Enzymatic Or Microbial Reduction

Same Reductions Under Benign Conditions
Reduction of Carbon-Carbon Double Bonds
Reduction of Carbon-Carbon Triple Bonds
Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds
Reduction of Esters
Reduction of Aromatic Rings
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