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  1.  Purdy’s Instrument Handbook (104 pages) Purdy's Instrument Handbook (By Ralph Dewey) This book represents years of instrument experience and know-how. It contains: • Notes • Examples • Procedures • Hook-up drawings and tables The author’s purpose was to make a quick reference field book, rather than a textbook. This handbook is a “Must Have” book for all instrument craftsmen and technicians. has been the favorite instrument reference book for craftsmen and instrument specialists since 1996. ISBN 1880215268
  2.  Purdy’s Instrument Handbook #2 (104 pages) The Companion Book to Purdy's Instrument Handbook ~ By Ralph Dewey The success of Purdy's Instrument Handbook (Volume #1) indicates that there is a real need for "Quick Reference" information. This second book (Volume #2) contains: Additional notes, Examples Drawings, Formulas Loop Designs, Educational material, and useful reference data. This is a must have handbook for quick reference information and pairs perfectly with volume #1  contains all NEW and Different material from the original Purdy's Instrument Handbook. ISBN 1880215349
  3.  Dewey’s Instrument Troubleshooting Handbook (104 pages) #IT2 - Dewey's Instrument Troubleshooting Handbook (By Ralph Dewey) This pocket-sized spiral book contains: • Startup and checkout pointers and fundamentals • Tricks of the trade, • Instrument fail safe considerations, • Plenty of troubleshooting techniques • Safety tips, and was published in 2001 and already it has become a popular resource. ISBN 1880215306
  4. If you have any or all of the Purdy's Instrument Handbooks this pocket guide is a must have! Sometimes technical guides can give you too much information and you just want the highlights. Well look no further! This easy to use guide will hep you navigate all of these invaluable handbooks so you are ready on the go!
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