Process Integration for Resource Conservation

Process Integration for Resource Conservation

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  • Guides readers in using state-of-the-art process integration techniques
  • Uses spreadsheet software that helps with performance targets and the design of resource conservation networks
  • Describes the automated targeting model, an advanced targeting technique that incorporates pinch analysis into mathematical modeling
  • Presents techniques for performing material recovery of batch processes and across different plants, such as in an eco-industrial park
  • Includes case studies that illustrate the implementation of resource conservation initiatives in industrial plants
  • Provides worksheets, calculation files, and demo software for download at

Solutions manual, lecture slides, electronic files of figures, and interactive solutions available with qualifying course adoption


To achieve environmental sustainability in industrial plants, resource conservation activities such as material recovery have begun incorporating process integration techniques for reusing and recycling water, utility gases, solvents, and solid waste. Process Integration for Resource Conservation presents state-of-the-art, cost-effective techniques, including pinch analysis and mathematical optimization, for numerous conservation problems.


Following the holistic philosophy of process integration, the author emphasizes the goal of setting performance targets ahead of detailed design. He explains various industrial examples step by step and offers demo software and other materials online. Ideal for students preparing for real-world work as well as industrial practitioners, the text provides a systematic guide to the latest process integration techniques for performing material recovery in process plants.

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