Practical Handbook on Biodiesel Production and Properties

Practical Handbook on Biodiesel Production and Properties

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    • Offers an extensive list of biodiesel plant precursors and table of properties with clear and presentable photo illustrations
    • Integrates botanical and agricultural aspects of biodiesel with its production and implementation
    • Includes complete botanical information of plants used as raw material for biodiesel
    • Concludes with a glossary and list of references for further research and guidance in the field



Biodiesel—a fuel substitute produced from vegetable oils, animal fats, or algae—is one of the most important renewable natural resources for agrarian countries. The justification for developing biodiesel as an alternate fuel is manifold, and rising crude oil prices and the vulnerability of energy security have made biodiesel necessary and inevitable.


The Practical Handbook on Biodiesel Production and Properties has assembled and analyzed the recent trends of biodiesel research, production, and implementation. It includes practical guidance on the identification of plant resources and their distribution, botanical description, palynology, oil extraction, production process, and biodiesel yield.


The production and usage of biodiesel will strengthen the agricultural sector, provide energy to remote areas without access to conventional energy, contribute towards economic development, and increase industrial activity. Drawing on both scientific and participatory processes, this book enables the successful utilization and commercialization of biofuel technology.

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