Pipeline Maintenance Level 1 Trainee Guide

Pipeline Maintenance Level 1 Trainee Guide

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Introduction to the Pipeline Industry (Pipeline Core), Liquid Pipeline General Abnormal Operating Conditions (Pipeline Core), Release Identification and Response, Tools of the Trade, Pipeline Documentation, Preventing Pipeline Damage (CT 14 and 28) and Excavating and Backfilling (CT 17, 32 and 39).

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 157.5, includes 72.5 of Core Curriculum) 

66101-02 Introduction to the Pipeline Industry (Pipeline Core) (15 Hours)

Introduces the pipeline industry, including pipeline products and flow paths, maps and drawings used in the industry, and basic pipeline operations. Also covers hydraulics, pipeline equipment, electrical power systems, and corrosion control. Regulations, documentation, and pipeline industry occupations are also described.


66102-02 Liquid Pipeline General Abnormal Operating Conditions (Pipeline Core) (5 Hours)

Introduces the Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs) that can occur on a pipeline or in a pipeline facility. Includes general procedures on how to recognize and react to AOCs and the necessary documentation and notifications that must be completed when responding to AOCs.


62103-02 Release Identification and Response (7.5 Hours)

Describes company environmental manuals and the DNR and EPA regulations. Explains the NRC and Coast Guard responsibilities and spill prevention. Identifies and explains soil contamination, release reporting and containment, hydrostatic testing, flaring/venting, and trash handling.


62104-02 Tools of the Trade (10 Hours) 

Explains use and care of the hand and power tools that are used in the pipeline industry. Describes the use of pment and meters and testers. Also explains nondestructive testing and the uses of hydraulic cranes and hevy excavating equipment.


62105-02 Pipeline Documentation (15 Hours)

Identifies and explains the alignment sheets used in the pipeline industry including maps, P&IDs, and electrical drawings. Also describes the types of documentation and document management required in the industry.


62106-02 Preventing Pipeline Damage (CT 14 and 28) (15 Hours)

Describes the one-call system and how it is used to prevent pipeline damage. Identifies and explains the methods used to prevent third-party and employee-caused pipeline damage. Explains the importance of public awareness. Includes placing and maintaining permanent line markers and providing security for pipeline facilities.


62107-02 Excavating and Backfilling (CT 17, 32 and 39) (17.5 Hours)

Explains OSHA requirements and methods for locating and marking pipelines. Identifies the permits required and the procedures for exposing pipe and performing damage inspection. Describes reporting defects, water inspections, and backfilling. 

  • Isbn: 978-0-13-046676-1

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