PEM Fuel Cell Failure Mode Analysis

PEM Fuel Cell Failure Mode Analysis

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  • Progresses systematically through topics, from component degradations to contamination-, environment-, operation-, and process-induced degradations
  • Covers operation-induced degradation, environment-induced degradation, design-induced durability, and manufacturing process-induced durability issues
  • Presents degradation testing protocols important for durability and failure mode studies of PEM fuel cells


PEM Fuel Cell Failure Mode Analysis presents a systematic analysis of PEM fuel cell durability and failure modes. It provides readers with a fundamental understanding of insufficient fuel cell durability, identification of failure modes and failure mechanisms of PEM fuel cells, fuel cell component degradation testing, and mitigation strategies against degradation.


The first several chapters of the book examine the degradation of various fuel cell components, including degradation mechanisms, the effects of operating conditions, mitigation strategies, and testing protocols. The book then discusses the effects of different contamination sources on the degradation of fuel cell components and explores the relationship between external environment and the degradation of fuel cell components and systems. It also reviews the correlation between operational mode, such as start-up and shut-down, and the degradation of fuel cell components and systems. The last chapter explains how the design of fuel cell hardware relates to failure modes.


Written by international scientists active in PEM fuel cell research, this volume is enriched with practical information on various failure modes analysis for diagnosing cell performance and identifying failure modes of degradation. This in turn helps in the development of mitigation strategies and the increasing commercialization of PEM fuel cells.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Haijiang Wang, Hui Li, and Xiao-Zi Yuan


Catalyst Degradation, Shengsheng Zhang, Xiao-Zi Yuan, and Haijiang Wang


Catalyst Support Degradation, Zhongwei Chen and Ryan Hsu


Membrane Degradation, Yinghao Luan and Yongming Zhang


Porous Transport Layer Degradation, Walter Mérida


Degradation of Bipolar Plates and Its Effect on PEM Fuel Cells, Lars Kühnemann, Thorsten Derieth, Peter Beckhaus, and Angelika Heinzel


Degradation of Other Components, Daijun Yang, Junsheng Zheng, Bing Li, and Jianxin Ma


Contaminant-Induced Degradation, Olga A. Baturina, Yannick Garsany, Benjamin D. Gould, and Karen E. Swider-Lyons


Environment-Induced Degradation, Eric Pinton, Sébastien Rosini, and Laurent Antoni


Operation-Induced Degradation, Pucheng Pei


Design-Related Durability Issues, Kui Jiao and Xianguo Li



  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9781439839171