Particle Technology and Applications

Particle Technology and Applications

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  • Illustrates up-to-date practical applications of particle technologies
  • Provides the necessary scientific background of particle technology for all application areas covered
  • Explains the technological details underlying the applications
  • Promotes novel process and product development efforts using green chemistry and engineering
  • Emphasizes the enhancement and modifications of the functionality of materials


Particle Technology and Applications presents the theoretical and technological background of particle science and explores up-to-date applications of particle technologies in the chemical, petrochemical, energy, mechanical, and materials industries. It looks at the importance of particle science and technology in the development of efficient chemical processes and novel functional materials.


With peer-reviewed chapters written by a select group of academic and industry experts, the book provides examples of particle technology and its advanced industrial applications. It includes the necessary scientific background of particle technology as well as relevant technological details of the application areas. This helps readers grasp specific details of the applied technology, since the advanced particle technology can directly or synergistically have an impact on outcomes, such as the development of a targeted functional material, enhancement of existing processing techniques, and modification of the properties of existing materials.

Presenting a consistent scientific treatment of all topics, this comprehensive yet accessible book covers a variety of practical applications and relevant theoretical foundation of particle science and technology. It will help readers tackle new challenges in process and product development and create new methodologies in the clean technology sector.

  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9781439881675