Nuclear Hydrogen Production Handbook

Nuclear Hydrogen Production Handbook

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    • Addresses the wide-ranging economic role of hydrogen and approaches for using nuclear energy to produce it with little or no fossil feedstock
    • Discusses development of practical nuclear production systems that incorporate presented methods in reactor systems
    • Covers relevant applied science and technology, presenting substantial analyses and data on the state of the art of nuclear hydrogen production
    • Explores worldwide development and commercialization programs for nuclear-reactor and associated hydrogen production systems
    • Elaborates on the properties of the substances involved in hydrogen production




Written by two leading researchers from the world-renowned Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the Nuclear Hydrogen Production Handbook is an unrivalled overview of current and future prospects for the effective production of hydrogen via nuclear energy. Combining information from scholarly analyses, industrial data, references, and other resources, this handbook illustrates hydrogen’s versatility and potential both as a sustainable energy carrier (e.g., fuel for vehicles and power generators) and as a feedstock material for industry (agriculture, oil, chemical, and steel, etc.).


Packed with details about the science, engineering, and production involved in nuclear hydrogen generation, this handbook presents case studies that delve into:


  • Research results of hydrogen development programs sponsored by Japan, Argentina, China, Korea, the US and the EU, among others
  • Operational developments at major nuclear reactors
  • Cutting-edge hydrogen production systems and methods, including high-temperature electrolysis of steam and biomass gasification
  • Applications such as heat- and corrosion-resistant construction materials, chemical reactors, and heat exchangers, as well as thermochemical iodine-sulfur processes
  • Integrated process designs (including thermochemical and hybrid methods)
  • Nuclear hydrogen plant operation management and safety


Far exceeding the limited introductory detail offered in other books on the topic, this reference offers an all-encompassing international perspective on nuclear hydrogen production. Addressing a wide range of pertinent technologies, scientific trends, and technical details, this resource will be a useful tool for readers at all levels of understanding.

  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9781439810835