Magneto Luminous Chemical Vapor Deposition

Magneto Luminous Chemical Vapor Deposition

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  • Describes fundamentals and applications of magneto-plasma luminous CVD, including biomedical and corrosion protection
  • Uses the minimum perturbation principle pioneered by the author to present the best method for imparting biocompatibility to commercially available materials
  • Covers a new concept of gas phase breakdown and low-pressure plasma state
  • Examines the "green" deposition coating of nano films


The magneto luminous chemical vapor deposition (MLCVD) method is the perfect example of the "front-end green process." It employs an entirely new process that expends the minimum amount of materials in gas phase, yields virtually no effluent, and therefore requires no environmental remediation. Unlike the "back-end green process," which calls for add-on processes to deal with effluent problems, the newer MLCVD approach is a completely different phenomenon that has never been adequately described, until now.


Dispelling previous misconceptions and revealing new areas for investigation,Magneto Luminous Chemical Vapor Deposition describes the key process of dielectric breakdown of gas molecules under the influence of a magnetic field. It emphasizes behavioral distinctions between molecular gasses that cause plasma polymerization (such as methane and trimethylsilane) and mono-atomic gases (e.g., helium and argon) when dealing with the dielectric breakdown of the gas phase under low pressure. The author also reveals his minimum perturbation theory of biocompatibility. This is based on the realization that nanofilms prepared using MLCVD have unique, stable interfacial characteristics necessary to achieve a surface that can be tolerated in various biological environments.


The author presents alternating views based on NASA’s recent discovery that a magnetic field burst from the earth triggers the inception of the aurora borealis. Detailing similarities between this phenomenon and the inception of the magneto luminous gas phase described in this book, the author proposes that proof of the one occurrence could shed light on the other. Expanding on the author’s previous works, this book introduces new discoveries, highlights the newfound errors of previous assumptions, and juxtaposes many cutting-edge alternative views and anomalies associated with the field.

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