Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry

Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry

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Mackey is to be commended for the work he put into Masonic Jurisprudence. Robert Clegg and Louis Blakemore were commissioned to revise Mackey's revised column twenty-six years apart. Each chose to add copious notes thereby burdening the overburdened text. Perhaps this was well. It left Mackey's historical narrative intact for the historians of today. This is the best book available on Masonic jurisprudence; there are few others. Few Masonic authorities are willing to spend the time necessary to write on the subject. Its difficulties are many. The Law is what each Grand Lodge says it is, insofar as it is concerned. To write about Masonic law and have it generally accepted is virtually impossible. In spite of a few short-comings, this is an excellent book for Masonic leaders. It makes one think, it causes one to do some research; it should be read along with the laws of one's Grand Lodge. This, alone, makes this volume tremendously important. A Masonic leader must know and understand Masonic law as it pertains to his jurisdiction. As one reads this book he learns you don't have to be a lawyer to understand Masonic law. In fact, one is better off if he isn't a member of the bar. Masonic law should never be confused with civil law. The former is concerned only with justice; the latter concerns itself more often with who can present the best argument for his side. Read this book. Study it. You will be the beneficiary.


  • Isbn-10 Digit: 088053026X
  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9780880530262
  • Author-1: Albert G Mackey
  • Author-2: Robert I Clegg
  • Copyright/Publication Date: 1980
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Page Count: 406