IPT's Crane and Rigging Training Manual

IPT's Crane and Rigging Training Manual

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 IPT's Crane and Rigging Training Manual is a user friendly spiral bound classroom size of 8 1/2" x 5 3/4", with 496 pages, 7 sections, 450 illustrations and 80 tables. The Manual version has identical contents to the Handbook, but varies in that it has comprehensive questions at the end of each section and comes with a separate answer book. This format is excellent for classroom training or self study. This book is commonly referred to as the "best" crane and rigging available in North America. It is used for reference and training programs offered by technical colleges, companies, trade unions, and various government institutions and departments. Data includes: wire rope and inspection; rigging hardware; slings and safe working loads; chain data; mobile crane set-up, stability, tandem lift examples, operation tips; EOT crane operation, safety, maintenance; tower crane set-up and safety; boom truck safety.

IPT's Crane and Rigging Handbook and Training Manual are essential resources for anyone who moves heavy loads. Referred to by many as the best crane and rigging book in North America, this indispensable publication expertly explains the rigging process for classroom instruction or workplace reference. New sections include pre-lift planning, materials handling, aerial platforms and barge, ship and offshore cranes.

IPT - The Best Choice for Manuals and Handbooks

IPT's Crane and Rigging Training Manual is the first choice for many trade colleges and apprenticeship programs. With clear, concise rigging process explanations, along with detailed diagrams and charts, this handbook or manual is the only crane and rigging reference you'll ever need!

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Certification Necessity p 166 Load Signaling p 168,169
Load Planning p 166,167 Hoisting Equipment p 169
Hook-up (Rigging) p 167 Crane Operators

p 169-173

Lift Plan Requirements p 176 Sketch & Data Sheet Examples p 191,192
Critical Lift p 177-180 Crane Set-up Summary p 193
Critical Lift Designation p 177,178 Lift Plan Drawing Examples p 194-216
Critical Lift Preparation p 178-180 Fin Fan Lift p 195-198
p 195-198 p 180-183 Heat Exchanger Lift p 199-203
Critical Lift Plan Analysis p 184-187 Module Lift p 204-210
Lift Calculation Form Example p 188 Fractionator Lift p 211-216
Rigging Hook-up Examples p 189,190 ANSI/OSHA Standards p 217,218
Crane Signals p 220-222 Chart Values (Radius) p 299,301
Operational Aids p 223,274,381 Chart Values (Boom Length) p 299,301
Crane Identification p 224 Chart Values (Boom Angle) p 299-301
Crane Types p 225-232 Load Chart/Range Diagram p 302
Hoisting Systems p 232,233 Load Chart/Hoist Lines p 303
Site Preparation p 234 Load Chart/Boom Capacity p 304,305
Ground Condition p 235,236 Load Chart/Jib Capacity p 306,307
Bearing Surface p 237,238 Load Chart Points p 308
Outrigger Blocking p 239 Load Chart Examples p 309-314
Bearing Mats p 240-242 Tandem Crane Lifts p 315-327
Set-up & Assembly p 243-249 Tandem Lift Plan p 315-317
Boom Assembly p 247-249 Tailing Cranes p 317-319
Boom Dismantling p 250,251 Unequal Crane Loads p 320-327
Boom Inspection & Repair p 252,253 Conditions Affecting Capacity p 328-337
Crane Gantry p 254 Off-Level p 329
Crane Jibs p 254-259 Side-Loading p 330
Wire Rope Factors p 260 Rapid Swing p 331,332
Reeving Load Blocks p 261-264 Radius Increase p 332-334
Out-of-Level Cranes p 265-267 Wind Effect p 334,335
Crane Stability p 268-275 Impact Loading p 336,337
Tipping Axis p 268-272 Duty Cycle p 337
Crane Stability Factors p 273 Traveling with Load p 338,339
Outriggers Positions p 274 Telescoping Booms p 340
Load Indicators p 274,275 Boom Contact Hazard p 341
Load Shape Factors p 276-278 Anti Two-block p 342,343
Crane Structural Failure p 279-281 Electrical Clearances p 344-348
Quadrants of Operation p 282-287 Crane Log Books p 349-352
Barricading Swing Area p 288 Crane Inspection p 353-357
Actual & Effective Loads p 289 Crane Manual/Records p 357,358
Load on Boom p 290 Crane Maintenance p 358-362
Load on Jib p 291 Crane Cab Controls p 362-367
Net & Gross Load p 292 Crane Operation p 367-369
Static & Dynamic Load p 293 Crane Safety Features p 369,370
Load Charts p 294-314 Crane Brakes p 371-373
Load Charts/Load Indicators p 294,295 Operator Safety Points p 374-381
Load Chart Information p 295-297 Operational Aids p 381,382
Load Chart Strength & Stability p 297,298    
Interpreting Load Chart p 298  
Boom Truck Types p 384-386 Boom Truck Controls p 393-395
Boom Truck Stability p 387-392 Stowed Jib p 395,396
Tipping Axis p 389 Capacity Chart p 396-401
Setting Outriggers p 390,391 Chart Load Example p 400,401
Load Radius p 391,392 Operating Safety Tips p 401-403
Pre-use Inspection p 392    
Material Handler Introduction p 406 Scrap & Material Handler p 411,412
Multi-Purpose Handler p 406-411 Locomotive Cranes p 413-417
Multi-Purpose Attachments p 406-408 Rail Crane Types p 413
Capacity Chart p 408,409 Rail Crane Stability p 414,415
Operation Requirements p 410 Side Boom Hoists p 415,416
Safety Tips p 410,411 Rail Signals p 416,417
Aerial Platform Types p 420,421
Aerial Platform Safety p 422-427
Aerial Platform Inspection p 427-430
Crane Safety Illustration & Tips p 432-441
Barge Mounted Cranes p 444 Barge Safety Summary p 455,456
Dynamic Barge Movements p 444,445 Ship & Offshore Cranes p 457-464
Trim and List Limits p 445,446 Ship Crane Examples p 457-461
Land Crane Applications p 446-449 API 2C Standard p 459-464
Crane/Barge Stability p 449,450 Fixed Platform Dynamics p 461-463
Load Ratings p 451,452 Supply Boat Dynamics p 462,463
Capacity Charts p 452-455 Wave Action p 463
Environmental Conditions p 453 Load Chart Data p 464
Example Load Charts p 453-455 Operator Safety p 464
Operator Certification p 466 Limit Switches p 485-487
Tower Crane Standards p 466 Fail Safe Brakes p 488
Self Erecting Cranes p 466-469 Crane Testing p 490
Site Preparation p 467 Operator Controls p 491,492
Tower Crane Types p 470-473 Load Rating Charts p 493-495
Jib Types p 473-475 Operator Precautions p 496-498
Tower Crane Mounting p 476,477 Crane Signals p 498,499
Component Identification p 477,478 Adjacent Cranes p 499
Equipment Records p 479 Unattended Cranes p 499,500
Log Book p 479 Weathervaning p 500,501
Tower Crane Erection p 479-484 Crane Inspection p 502,503
Crane Assembly p 481-484 Bolt Torquing p 503,504
Safety Features p 484-488    
Overhead Crane Introduction p 506 Lowering a Load p 553,554
ANSI Standards p 506 Inching a Load p 554,555
CMAA Classifications p 507 Coordinated Movements p 556-559
Indoor Cranes & Hoists p 507-512 Swinging Loads p 557-559
Outdoor Cranes p 512,513 Crane Signals p 559,560
Straddle Lift Gantry p 513-515 Hoisting With Magnet p 561,562
Overhead Crane Components p 516-520 Hoist Assembly p 563-573
Crane Terminology p 518-520 Limit Switches p 566-570
Power to Crane p 521,522 Hoist Brakes p 570,571
Crane Controls p 521 Overload Protection p 571-573
Digital Controls p 523,524 Pre-operation Inspection p 573-575
Remote Radio Controls p 524-535 Operator Awareness p 576,577
Pendant Controls p 536-538 Safety Summary p 577-579
Cab Controls p 539-560 Housekeeping & Hazards p 580
Crane Bridge p 540-546 Lockout & Inspection p 581-586
Crane Trolley p 546-550 Crane Testing p 587-591
Crane Hoist p 551-560 Crane Securing p 592
Lifting a Load p 551,552    
Electrical Formulas p 502-504 AC p 504
Ohmís Law p 502 Three Phase p 504
Resistance p 502 General p 504
Inductance p 502 Electrical Abbreviations p 504
Capacitance p 502 Conversion Factors p 505
Series AC Circuits p 503 Quantities, Units, Symbols p 506,507
Parallel AC Circuits p 503 Greek Symbols p 508
Power p 503    





  • Isbn-10 Digit: 0920855032
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  • Author-1: Ronald G. Garby
  • Copyright/Publication Date: 2008
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition Number: 4TH
  • Page Count: 608