Handbook on Applications of Ultrasound: Sonochemistry for Sustainability

Handbook on Applications of Ultrasound: Sonochemistry for Sustainability

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  • Provides an up-to-date and interdisciplinary pool of information of research findings and applications of ultrasound in the fields such as materials science, polymer chemistry, medical applications, drug and gene delivery, nanotechnology, food science and technology, water and wastewater treatment, environmental contaminants degradation, reactor design, anaerobic digestion and synthetic applications
  • Versatility of chapters in various research areas in which 12 Principles of Green Chemistry have been presented in the book with respect to application of ultrasonic technology
  • Balanced selection of research and review based chapters


Ultrasonic irradiation and the associated sonochemical and sonophysical effects are complementary techniques for driving more efficient chemical reactions and yields. Sonochemistry—the chemical effects and applications of ultrasonic waves—and sustainable (green) chemistry both aim to use less hazardous chemicals and solvents, reduce energy consumption, and increase product selectivity.


A comprehensive collection of knowledge, Handbook on Applications of Ultrasound covers the most relevant aspects linked to and linking green chemistry practices to environmental sustainability through the uses and applications of ultrasound-mediated and ultrasound-assisted biological, biochemical, chemical, and physical processes.


Chapters are presented in the areas of:


    • Medical applications
    • Drug and gene delivery
    • Nanotechnology
    • Food technology
    • Synthetic applications and organic chemistry
    • Anaerobic digestion
    • Environmental contaminants degradation
    • Polymer chemistry
    • Industrial syntheses and processes
    • Reactor design
    • Electrochemical systems
    • Combined ultrasound-microwave technologies



While the concepts of sonochemistry have been known for more than 80 years, in-depth understanding of this phenomenon continues to evolve. Through a review of the current status of chemical and physical science and engineering in developing more environmentally friendly and less toxic synthetic processes, this book highlights many existing applications and the enormous potential of ultrasound technology to upgrade present industrial, agricultural, and environmental processes.

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