GPSA Engineering Data Book-FPS English Unit 2017; 14th edition

GPSA Engineering Data Book-FPS English Unit 2017; 14th edition

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The GPSA Data Book 13th Edition provides updates to all 26 sections. The following summarizes the main changes and improvements over the 12th Edition:

  • Section 3 (Measurement) has new sections for gas and flare measurements
  • Section 4 (Instrumentation) has new topics dealing with safety instrumented systems and facility network and control systems
  • Major revisions to Section 5 (Relief Systems), Section 7 (Separation Equipment), Section 13 (Compressors and Expanders), Section 16 (Hydrocarbon Recovery) and Section 21 (Hydrocarbon Treating), Section 23 (Physical Properties) and Section 25 (Phase Equilibria)
  • Section 8 (Fired Equipment) includes expanded information on low NOx burners and NOx control, plus discussions on thermal efficiency for firetube heaters.
  • Section 11 (Cooling Towers) adds new topics addressing environmental factors, basin design considerations and saltwater cooling towers
  • Section 12 (Pumps and Hydraulic Turbines) has a new and simplified pump efficiency chart with the most current data
  • Section 22 (Sulfur Recovery) incorporates updates to the oligomer equilibrium chart, and has new sulfur thermodynamic data for tables, charts and sample calculation
  • Section 24 (Thermodynamic Properties) includes new subject matter on acid gas, and rare gas enthalpy and entropy
  • Plus more new information, specifications and guidelines In other sections

About the Engineering Data Book

Approximately 260,000   copies of this authoritative publication have been distributed by GPSA. The book   has been compiled by a joint editorial committee composed of technical   specialists from both GPSA and GPA. This committee known as the GPSA Editorial   Review Board continually reviews and revises the manual. Periodic revisions are   issued to holders of record to keep the manual up to date with technology and   industry practices.

The Gas Processors   Supplier Association (GPSA) was formed in 1928 as the Natural Gasoline Supply   Men’s Association (NGSMA). Its principal purpose was a service organization to   the parent Natural Gasoline Association of America (NGAA). Both organizations   underwent name changes in subsequent years in response to changing industry   conditions. In 1961, the organizations became known as the Natural Gas   Processors Association (NGPA) and the Natural Gas Processors Suppliers   Association (NGPSA). In 1974 the names changed to Gas Processors Association   (GPA) and the Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GPSA). Users of the Data   Book will note numerous references throughout the book may refer to publications   of these organizations by the names in effect at the time of publication.

As stated   previously, the First Edition of the Data Book was issued in 1935 with many   revisions and printings since then as outlined below:

  1. First Edition 1935
  2. Second Edition 1936
  3. Third Edition 1937
  4. Fourth Edition 1941
  5. Fifth Edition 1946
    • Reprinted 1947-1948
  6. Sixth Edition 1951
  • Reprinted 1953-1955-1956
  • Seventh Edition 1957
    • Reprinted 1958-1960-1962-1963-1964
  • Eighth Edition 1966
    • Reprinted 1967
  • Ninth Edition 1972
    • 1st Revision 1974
    • 2nd Revision 1976
    • 3rd Revision 1977
    • 4th Revision 1979
    • 5th Revision 1981
    • Ninth Edition SI 1980
  • Tenth Edition 1987
    • Revised 10th Edition 1994
  • Eleventh Edition 1998
  • Twelfth Edition 2004
  • Thirteenth Edition 2012
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