Fluke® Digital Multimeter Basic Metering Online Course

Fluke® Digital Multimeter Basic Metering Online Course

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: 9992FBM

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  • ISBN: 9992FBM
The Fluke® Digital Multimeter Basic Metering online course uses narration, video, illustrations, and interactive activities to explain and demonstrate how to use common multimeter functions and modes. The series of six lessons systematically reviews the concepts and procedures most frequently needed when using a multimeter. Also covered are accessories, specifications, and care of multimeters. The course information applies to most multimeter makes and models and complies with industry training guidelines for using electrical test instruments.
Short quizzes are interspersed throughout the lessons to test comprehension along the way. To receive a completion certificate, participants must complete all lessons and pass the final test.
A prerequisite for this course is a thorough knowledge of electrical measurement hazards and safety precautions. If needed, students can review this information in the Fluke Electrical Measurement Safety course (available free on fluke.com).