Energetic Materials: Thermophysical Properties, Predictions, and Experimental Measurements

Energetic Materials: Thermophysical Properties, Predictions, and Experimental Measurements

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    • Presents cutting-edge research on modeling energetic system properties, from leaders in the field
    • Covers a wide range of topics, from performance to lifecycle analysis of new insensitive energetic materials under development
    • Includes extensive material on the role of molecular simulations in current and future material development
    • Provides information that can be applied to other classes of chemical compounds



The development, processing, and lifecycle environmental impact analysis of energetic materials all pose various challenges and potential dangers. Because safety concerns severely limit study of these substances at most research facilities, engineers will especially appreciate a tool that strengthens understanding of the chemistry and physics involved and helps them better predict how these materials will behave when used in explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, and other applications.

Integrate Cutting-Edge Research Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense

Energetic Materials: Thermophysical Properties, Predictions, and Experimental Measurements covers a variety of advanced empirical modeling and simulation tools used to explore development, performance, sensitivity, and lifecycle issues of energetic materials. Focusing on a critical component of energetic materials research— prediction of thermophysical properties—this book elucidates innovative and experimental techniques being used to:


    • Apply molecular and meso-scale modeling methodologies to measure reactivity, performance, and properties of new energetic materials



    • Gain insight into shear initiation at the particulate level



    • Better understand the fate, transport, and overall environmental impact of energetic materials



    • Evaluate the performance of new materials and assess their reaction mechanisms


Edited by two respected U.S. Army engineers, this book highlights cutting-edge research from leaders in the energetics community. Documenting the history, applications, and environmental behavior of energetic materials, this reference is a valuable resource for anyone working to optimize their massive potential—either now or in the future.

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