CRC Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Third Edition

CRC Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Third Edition

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    • Compiles a huge array of useful and important data into a single, convenient source
    • Coalesces information from several different fields
    • Includes new material in response to reader input
    • Provides information on the most useful "wet" chemistry methods as well as instrumental techniques
    • Contains information of historical importance necessary to understand current methodology



Winner of an Oustanding Academic Title Award for 2011!

Researchers in organic chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical science, forensics, and environmental science make routine use of chemical analysis, but the information these researchers need is often scattered in different sources and difficult to access. The CRC Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Third Edition is a one-stop reference that presents updated data in a handy format specifically designed for use when reaching a decision point in designing an analysis or interpreting results. In response to a decade of reader input, this new edition has been expanded to include even more of the critical information scientists rely on to perform accurate analysis.

Enhancements to the Third Edition:



    • Includes data from the CRC Handbook of Fundamental Spectroscopic Correlation Charts into this volume for the first time
    • Presents new information on gas, liquid, and thin layer chromatography; nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry; infrared spectrophotometry; and mass spectrometry
    • Reviews the detection of outliers in experimental data
    • Provides basic information on thermocouples, chemical indicators, and chromatographic column regeneration
    • Explores the latest stationary phases for chromatographic methods and extractions
    • Examines carcinogens and chemical, electrical, radiation, and laser hazards
    • Includes information on laboratory safety and equipment, from advice on choosing lab gloves and apparel to selecting respirators



Unmatched in its coverage of the range of information scientists need in the lab, this resource will be referred to again and again by practitioners who need quick, easy access to the data that forms the basis for experimentation and analysis.

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