Code for Noise Levels on Board Ships 2014 Edition

Code for Noise Levels on Board Ships 2014 Edition

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1 The Code on noise levels on board ships (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”) has been developed to provide international standards for protection against noise regulated by regulation II-1/3-12 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, as amended. Although the Code is legally treated as a mandatory instrument under the SOLAS Convention, certain provisions of the Code remain recommendatory or informative (see paragraph 1.1.3). 2 These regulations, recommendations and advice are intended to provide Administrations with the tools to promote “hearing saving” environments on board ships. This is, however, a dynamic topic, dealing with the human and technical environments in which they interface. Rules and recommendations will necessarily evolve, on a case-by-case basis, as a result of various technological as well as safety management practice developments. For this reason Administrations are encouraged to pass on experience and information received from recognized organizations, ship operators and equipment designers to improve this Code. 3 The Code has been developed having regard to conventional passenger and cargo ships. While certain types and sizes of ships have been excluded from its application, it should be recognized that full application to ships which differ appreciably from the conventional types of ships regarding design or operations might need specific consideration. 4 The Organization adopted a Recommendation on methods of measuring noise levels at listening posts (resolution A.343(IX)), which this Code is not intended to supersede. That Recommendation relates to interference by shipborne noise with the proper reception of external audible navigation signals and although the methods of measuring noise levels in accordance with the Recommendation and with the Code differ, these documents are to be considered compatible inasmuch as this Code is concerned primarily with the effect of noise on health and comfort. Care will be needed to ensure that there is compatibility between the general requirements and the requirements for audibility of navigation signals.

  • Author-1: IMO
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Standard Number: IMO-I817E