Characterization and Properties of Petroleum Fractions

Characterization and Properties of Petroleum Fractions

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Both petroleum professionals and those without a technical engineering background will find this unique new manual to be a vital and comprehensive reference for the petroleum industry in both processing and production. WHAT MAKES THIS MANUAL SO UNIQUE? ? Presents over 600 predictive methods from theoretical to empirical, including the most widely used and most accurate ones for a wide range of conditions ? Covers over 100 thermodynamic and physical properties, which are applicable to a wide range of pure compounds, mixtures, petroleum fractions, petroleum products, heavy residues, waxes, asphaltenes, crude oils, natural gases, reservoir fluids, and coal liquids. ? Discusses light and heavy, liquid and vapor, and low and high pressure systems ? Provides specific recommendations for each listed property and its applications ? Includes solved practical problems and presents exercise problems with a large number of actual data for oils from around the world. This new manual is a unique and comprehensive resource for professionals in the petroleum industry, research, and government, as well as environmental organizations and academia.

  • Isbn-10 Digit: 0803133618
  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9780803133617
  • Author-1: M.R. Riazi
  • Copyright/Publication Date: 2005
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Page Count: 407
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