Carbon-Neutral Fuels and Energy Carriers

Carbon-Neutral Fuels and Energy Carriers

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  • Presents a comprehensive account of carbon-neutral energy sources and fuels that will become increasingly important in the future
  • Covers renewable, nuclear, and decarbonized fossil energy; hydrogen fuel, biofuels, and synthetic fuels; and photochemical, thermochemical, electrochemical, and biological systems
  • Analyzes the technical, economic, and environmental challenges hindering widespread commercial adoption of carbon-neutral technologies
  • Provides examples of the first successful commercial-scale projects
  • Includes contributions from world-renowned experts specializing in research areas ranging from photochemistry and fuel-generating enzymes to nuclear and clean transportation technologies


Concerns over an unstable energy supply and the adverse environmental impact of carbonaceous fuels have triggered considerable efforts worldwide to find carbon-free or low-carbon alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. Carbon-Neutral Fuels and Energy Carriers emphasizes the vital role of carbon-neutral energy sources, transportation fuels, and associated technologies for establishing a sustainable energy future. Each chapter draws on the insight of world-renowned experts in such diverse fields as photochemistry and electrochemistry, solar and nuclear energy, biofuels and synthetic fuels, carbon sequestration, and alternative fuel vehicles.


After an introductory chapter on different energy options in a carbon-constrained world and proposed measures to stabilize atmospheric CO2, the book analyzes the advantages and challenges facing the introduction of hydrogen fuel to the marketplace. It then examines the role of nuclear power in the production of carbon-free energy and fuels as well as the efficient use and storage of renewable energy resources, emphasizing the production of solar fuels from water and CO2. The book also discusses different aspects of bioenergy and biofuels production and use and the potential role of bio-inspired energy systems and industrial processes. The final chapters present a thorough overview and analysis of state-of-the-art fossil fuel decarbonization technologies and clean transportation options.


This authoritative work provides the information needed to make more informed choices regarding available clean energy and fuel alternatives. It helps readers to better understand the interconnection between energy and the environment as well as the potential impact of human activities on climate.

  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9781439818572