Cabinetmaking Trainee Guide, Paperback, 2nd Edition

Cabinetmaking Trainee Guide, Paperback, 2nd Edition

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: 9780136147886

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This stand-alone module provides an introduction to the materials, tools, and methods used in cabinetmaking. Practice projects help the trainee learn the various joining techniques while providing practice on stationary power tools. A full-color insert that displays different types of custom built cabinetry is included.

Table of Contents

Woods and Materials Used in Cabinet Construction
Shop Tools Used in Cabinetmaking
Assembling the Cabinet
Sanding and Finishing
Applying Plastic Laminate to a Countertop
Cabinet Doors
Cabinet Drawers
Cabinet Doors and Drawer Hardware
Cabinet Shelves and Shelf Hardware
Mass-Production Cabinetmaking
Appendix A: Practice Exercises
Appendix B: Cabinetmaking Projects

  • Isbn: 9780136147886
  • Publication Date: Nov 2, 2007

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