C78 - Flexural Strength of Concrete

C78 - Flexural Strength of Concrete

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3.1 This test method is used to determine the flexural strength of specimens prepared and cured in accordance with Test Methods C42/C42M or Practices C31/C31M or C192/C192M. Results are calculated and reported as the modulus of rupture. For the same specimen size, the strength determined will vary if there are differences in specimen preparation, curing procedure, moisture condition at time of testing, and whether the beam was molded or sawed to size.

3.2 The measured modulus of rupture generally increases as the specimen size decreases3,4,5 and it has been shown that the variability of individual test results increases as the specimen size decreases.3,4

3.3 The results of this test method may be used to determine compliance with specifications or as a basis for mixture proportioning, evaluating uniformity of mixing, and checking placement operations by using sawed beams. It is used primarily in testing concrete for the construction of slabs and pavements.

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