Blue Book of Fitter's, Welder's, pattern and Lay-Out Manual

Blue Book of Fitter's, Welder's, pattern and Lay-Out Manual

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The contents of this handbook pertains mostly to pipe fabrication patterns. It is felt there is a great need for pattern knowledge in the form of an easily carried handbook, where accuracy in fabrication is required. Special effort has been put forth to simplify the method used in making these patterns.


Table of Contents:

Lateral Pattern Illustration-For All Pipe Size Diameters 
Lateral-Pattern Illustration-Showing Procedures 
Lateral-Pattern Layout-For Pipe Of Equal Or Unequal Diameters 
Quarter Circles-Method Of Dividing Into Equal Parts 
Lateral-Pattern Layout-For Equal Size Pipe, 45° and 60° (Dog) Turn 
Tee-Hole and Branch Pattern Layout, Equal Size Pipe 90° Branch. 
Tee-90 Degree Branch. Patterns Equal Or Unequal Size Pipe. 
Saddle-Off-Center (Tee) Header and Branch Patterns 
Lateral-L-Off-Center (Branch) Layout, Unequal Size Pipe 
Tube Turn-Branch Pattern Equal Or Unequal Size Pipe 
Tube Turn-Reduced Branch Pattern, 
Tee-Patterns For Branch and Header Equal Size Pipe 
Orange Peel-Pattern Layout 
Eccentric Reducer-Pattern Or Layout On The Pipe 
Concentric Reducer-Measurements In Inches, A B and C.
Tube Turn-Layout Directly On The Pipe. Three Piece 90° 
Pattern-45° Angle Out. Half Pattern 
Tube Turn-Layout Directly On The Pipe. Three Piece 90° 
Pattern-22 1/2° Angle Cut. Half Pattern 
Tube Turn-Layout Directly On The Pipe. Four Piece 90° 
Pattern-15° Angle Out. Half Pattern 
Trigonometry Table. 
Right Triangle Finding Proper Trig. Function 
Piping Offsets-Known Angles 
Piping Offsets-Unknown Angles 
Division Of Decimals To Solve For Angles
The Six Trigonometric Functions. 
Reading Decimals. 
Flange-Method Or Laying Out Flange Bolt Holes 
Offsets>Equal Spread Piping 
Lateral-Layout Directly On Equal Size Pipe (No Pattern) 
True (Y) Layout Directly On Equal ~ Pipe (No Pattern) 
Angles-Solving For Bracket Angles 
Rolling Offsets 
Formula 32 Line Layout-Miter Cut Any Angle 
Formula 16 Line Layout-Miter Cut Any Angle 
Useful Information 
Drill Sizes-For Pipe and Bolt 
Tap Sizes-For Pipe and Bolt 
Circumference, and Division Of Pipe Table 
Weight Of Pipe Per Foot>Pounds 
Decimal Equivalents Of Fraction Of An Inch
Minutes Converted To Decimal Of Degrees 
Melting Point Of Various Metal-Degree Fahrenheit
Boiling Point Of Water Gage Pressure 
Expansion Of Pipe-Steel 
Symbols For Pipe Fittings 
Instructions For Trig. Table 
Trigonometric Table In Degree Steps Of 5' (Minutes) 
Schedules (Steel Pipe) For Pipe Wall Thickness 
Schedules (Stainless Steel Pipe) For Pipe Wall Thickness
Caps-Steel Weld Caps. Also Expansion Of Steel Pipe 
Elbows-Long Radius, Short Radius, and 45 Degree 
Tees-Full Size Weld Tees (Steel) 
Tees-Reducing Branch Outlet Weld Tees. (Steel) 
Reducers-Concentric and Eccentric (Welded) Take Off Dimensions. 
Flanges>Weld Neck and Slip On (Steel) 
Flanges-Bolt and Stud Dimension 
Tees-Ordinate Length Figures For 90° Branches 16 Line Layout 
Tees-Ordinate Length Figures For 90° Branches ~52 Line Layout 
Laterals-Branches Ordinate Length 45° In Inches 
Lateral-Branch Ordinate Lengths 30° In Inches. 
Pipe Bending 
Layout and Solution Or Pipe Bending Problems 
Elbows-Solving For Odd-Angle Elbows 
Lateral-Branch Pattern For Tapered End Header 
Wye-Patterns For True (Y) Branch. and Header. 
Pipe Hangers and Riser Clamps 


  • Author-1: H G Thorsness
  • Copyright/Publication Date: 1992
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition Number: Revised Edition
  • Page Count: 137

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