Batch Distillation: Simulation, Optimal Design, and Control, Second Edition

Batch Distillation: Simulation, Optimal Design, and Control, Second Edition

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  • Details various operating modes as well as new configurations in batch distillation design and operation
  • Examines the challenges involved in a rigorous modeling of batch distillation column dynamics
  • Provides a hierarchy of models of varying complexity and rigor
  • Presents approaches for the optimal design of batch distillation columns and for dealing with uncertainties in batch distillation
  • Compares batch distillation columns and continuous columns
  • Illustrates control problems in batch distillation
  • Discusses the analysis and synthesis of columns with complex thermodynamics and complex, unconventional column configurations
  • Describes three software programs for batch distillation
  • Includes many examples and homework problems

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Most available books in chemical engineering mainly pertain to continuous processes, with batch distillation relegated to a small section. Filling this void in the chemical engineering literature, Batch Distillation: Simulation, Optimal Design, and Control, Second Edition helps readers gain a solid, hands-on background in batch processing. The second edition of this bestseller explores numerous new developments in batch distillation that have emerged since the publication of the first edition.

New to the Second Edition


    • Special sections on complex column configurations and azeotropic, extractive, and reactive distillation
    • A chapter on various kinds of uncertainties in batch distillation
    • A chapter covering software packages for batch distillation simulation, design, optimization, and control
    • Separate chapters on complex columns and complex systems
    • Up-to-date references and coverage of recent research articles



This edition continues to explain how to effectively design, synthesize, and make operations decisions related to batch processes. Through careful treatments of uncertainty analysis, optimization, and optimal control methods, the author gives readers the necessary tools for making the best decisions in practice.


While primarily designed for a graduate course in batch distillation, the text can also be used in undergraduate chemical engineering courses. In addition, researchers and academics faced with batch distillation research problems and practicing chemical engineers tackling problems in actual day-to-day operations will find the book to be a useful reference source.

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