API RP 1111 5th Edition

API RP 1111 5th Edition

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: American Petroleum Institute

: D11115

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Recommended Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Offshore Hydrocarbon Pipelines (Limit State Design), Fifth Edition

This recommended practice (RP) sets criteria for the design, construction, testing, operation, and maintenance of offshore steel pipelines used in the production, production support, or transportation of hydrocarbons; that is, the movement by pipeline of hydrocarbon liquids, gases, and mixtures of these hydrocarbons with water. This RP may also be used for water injection pipelines offshore. 

The RP also applies to any transportation piping facilities located on a production platform downstream of separation and treatment facilities, including meter facilities, gas compression facilities, liquid pumps, associated piping, and appurtenances. 

The design, construction, inspection, and testing provisions of this RP may not apply to offshore hydrocarbon pipelines designed or installed before this latest revision of the RP was issued. The operation and maintenance provisions of this RP are suitable for application to existing facilities.