An Introduction to Marine Drilling

An Introduction to Marine Drilling

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The simple aim of this book is to explain to the new rig hand, to the offshore job applicant, to those of the periphery of the offshore industry who may never have the chance to go out to a rig and see for themselves, and to the interested layman and student on the "beach" the main operations of this fascinating industry. It does not pretend to be a comprehensive or learned study of the oil exploration business, nor does it masquerade as an instructional manual of drilling technology; it is hoped merely to throw a little truthful light on some of the operations of an industry which all too often is portrayed by the mas media as being simply a matter of grim and grimy men heaving and slithering on a wet deck as they struggle to latch massive wrenches onto steel pipe. That is one interesting facet of marine drilling, but there are many more which are rarely seen by those not fortunate enough to witness the workings of an offshore rig.

  • Isbn-10 Digit: 1902157419
  • Author-1: Malcolm Maclachlan
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 349