Advances in Industrial Heat Transfer

Advances in Industrial Heat Transfer

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    • Includes contributions by world-renowned experts in their fields, with each chapter serving as a reference and guide for future research
    • Discusses numerous industrial applications to help readers put basic concepts in a practical context
    • Presents a combined heat transfer analysis, progressing from basic concepts to enhancement methods and procedures
    • Provides a complete reference on industrial and enhanced heat transfer
    • Contains a wide range of methods described to solve practical problems encountered by practicing engineers



Advances in Industrial Heat Transfer presents the basic principles of industrial heat transfer enhancement. Serving as a reference and guide for future research, this book presents a complete approach, from redesigning equipment to the use of nanofluids in industry.


Based on the latest methods of the experiment and their interpretation, this book presents a unified conception of the industrial heat transfer process and procedures which will help decrease global energy consumption. Containing both theoretical and practical results, the book uses text, pictures, graphs, and definitions to illustrate points and highlight concepts.


Table of Contents

Introduction to Industrial Heat Transfer
Alina Adriana Minea
Heat Transfer in Industrial Furnaces
Hans Rinnhofer and Harald Raupenstrauch
Heat Transfer in Process Integration
Emil G. Mihailov and Venko I. Petkov
Convective Flows in Porous Media
Antonio Barletta and Eugenia Rossi di Schio
Heat Transfer in Nanofluids
Vincenzo Bianco, Oronzio Manca, and Sergio Nardini
Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity of Materials Using Different Forms of Natural Graphite
Shanta Desai and James Njuguna
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Process Heating
Alina Adriana Minea
Heat Transfer in Thermoelectricity
Myriam Lazard
Heat Transfer in Fixed and Moving Packed Beds Predicted by the Extended Discrete Element Method
Bernhard J. Peters and Algis Džiugys
Heat Transfer in Organic Rankine Cycle Applications
Sotirios Karellas, Aris-Dimitrios Leontaritis, and Georgios Panousis

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