Advances in Food Extrusion Technology

Advances in Food Extrusion Technology

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  • Offers the most up-to-date information on extrusion cooking currently available
  • Describes advantages and disadvantages of extrusion technology and compares it with other food processing methods
  • Discusses preparation and preconditioning of raw material prior to extrusion
  • Covers extrusion of breakfast cereal, snack food products, and confectionaries products as well as pet food and animal feed
  • Provides practical troubleshooting advice for the extrusion process


A fresh view of the state-of-the-art, Advances in Food Extrusion Technologyfocuses on extruder selection, extrudate development, quality parameters, and troubleshooting in the 21st century extrusion process. In particular, the book:



    • Introduces the history, nomenclature, and working principles of extrusion technology
    • Presents an overview of various types of extruders as well as parts and components of an extruder for design considerations
    • Discusses extruder selection and design, fluid flow problem with different types of raw materials, and heat transfer and viscous energy dissipation, with advantages and limitations for particular cases
    • Emphasizes recent research while providing an overview of trends previously reported in the literature
    • Covers the coinjection of food substances into an extruder die with the objective of creating defined colored patterns, adding internal flavors, and achieving other food injection applications into cereal-based extruded products
    • Describes thermal and nonthermal extrusion of protein products



Discussing the influence of design and raw materials on extruder performance and nutritional value, this book covers current and developing products from cereal-based snacks to pet food. In addition to the usual benefits of heat processing, extrusion offers the possibility of modifying and expanding the functional properties of food ingredients. Designed for both the active and future food scientist, this book is an exciting addition to a creative and ever-evolving field.

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