Advances in Biofuel Production: Algae and Aquatic Plants

Advances in Biofuel Production: Algae and Aquatic Plants

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  • Provides an overview and evaluation of the current status and prospects of biodiesel production
  • Covers the use of genome sequencing as a method for biofuel production and biofuel research
  • Describes algal and aquatic plant species and their varying capacities for producing of biofuel


Due to their high growth rate, algae, microalgae, and aquatic plants are becoming the most promising photosynthetic organisms for biofuel production. Advances in Biofuel Production: Algae and Aquatic Plants explores current investigations and application of the fields of biofuel production and bioengineering and considers from a global context the evolving processes of algal biofuel production. The book looks at how biomass, specifically sugars, nonedible plant materials, and algae (which are designated first, second, and third fuels respectively) are used in the production of fuel. The feasibility of such projects, current methodologies, and how to optimize biofuel production are presented.


Table of Contents

Current Status and Prospects of Biodiesel Production from Microalgae, Xiaodan Wu, Rongsheng Ruan, Zhenyi Du, and Yuhuan Liu
Sustainable Fuel from Algae: Challenges and New Directions, Douglas Aitken and Blanca Antizar-Ladislao

Biofuel for Today
The Role of Bioenergy in a Fully Sustainable Global Energy System, Stijn Cornelissen, Michèle Koper, and Yvonne Y. Deng
Biofuel from Algae: Is It a Viable Alternative? Firoz Alam, Abhijit Data, Roesfiansjah Rasjidin, Saleh Mobin, Hazim Moria, and Abdul Baqui
Comprehensive Evaluation of Algal Biofuel Production: Experimental and Target Results, Colin M. Beal, Robert E. Hebner, Michael E. Webber, Rodney S. Ruoff, A. Frank Seibert, and Carey W. King
Electromagnetic Biostimulation of Living Cultures for Biotechnology, Biofuel, and Bioenergy Applications, Ryan W. Hunt, Andrey Zavalin, Ashish Bhatnagar, Senthil Chinnasamy, and Keshav C. Das
Catalytic Transformations of Biomass-Derived Acids into Advanced Biofuels, Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz, Antonio Pineda, Alina Mariana Balu, Rafael Luque, Juan Manuel Campelo, Antonio Angel Romero, and Jose Manuel Ramos-Fernández
Use of Anion Exchange Resins for One-Step Processing of Algae from Harvest to Biofuel, Jessica Jones, Cheng-Han Lee, James Wang, and Martin Poenie
Microalgae Isolation and Selection for Prospective Biodiesel Production, Van Thang Duong, Yan Li, Ekaterina Nowak, and Peer M. Schenk

Next Generation Research
Comparison of Next-Generation Sequencing Systems, Lin Liu, Yinhu Li, Siliang Li, Ni Hu, Yimin He, Ray Pong, Danni Lin, Lihua Lu, and Maggie Law
Algal Functional Annotation Tool: A Web-Based Analysis Suite to Functionally Interpret Large Gene Lists Using Integrated Annotation and Expression Data, David Lopez, David Casero, Shawn J. Cokus, Sabeeha S .Merchant, and Matteo Pellegrini
Transcriptomic Analysis of the Oleaginous Microalga Neochloris oleoabundansReveals Metabolic Insights into Triacylglyceride Accumulation, Hamid Rismani-Yazdi, Berat Z. Haznedaroglu, Carol Hsin, and Jordan Peccia

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