Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry, Third Edition

Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry, Third Edition

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  • Provides a fully revised edition of a bestselling textbook
  • Presents a powerful tool for building the knowledge on the most up-to-date techniques commonly used in organic synthesis
  • Draws on the experience of the authors and their association with some of the world’s leading laboratories of synthetic organic chemistry
  • Contains many illustrations, all of which have been redrawn for this edition


Any research that uses new organic chemicals, or ones that are not commercially available, will at some time require the synthesis of such compounds. Therefore, organic synthesis is important in many areas of both applied and academic research, from chemistry to biology, biochemistry, and materials science. The third edition of a bestseller, Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry is a guide that explains the basic techniques of organic chemistry, presenting the necessary information for readers to carry out widely used modern organic synthesis reactions.

This book is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as industrial organic chemists, particularly those involved in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and other areas of fine chemical research. It provides the novice or nonspecialist with the often difficult-to-find information on reagent properties needed to perform general techniques. With over 80 years combined experience training and developing organic research chemists in industry and academia, the authors offer sufficient guidance for researchers to perform reactions under conditions that give the highest chance of success, including the appropriate precautions to take and proper experimental protocols. The text also covers the following topics:



    • Record keeping and equipment
    • Solvent purification and reagent preparation
    • Using gases and working with vacuum pumps
    • Purification, including crystallization and distillation
    • Small-scale and large-scale reactions
    • Characterization, including NMR spectra, melting point and boiling point, and microanalysis
    • Efficient ways to find information in the chemical literature



With fully updated text and all newly drawn figures, the third edition provides a powerful tool for building the knowledge on the most up-to-date techniques commonly used in organic synthesis.

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