A Risk Based Approach for the Evaluation of Firefighting Equipment on Liquefied Gas Jetties

A Risk Based Approach for the Evaluation of Firefighting Equipment on Liquefied Gas Jetties

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LPG operators have considerable experience in managing potentially hazardous materials. The risks vary from site to site depending on the quantity of LPG that is being handled and methods being used in the operations. However, there are no global guidelines on how to evaluate or prioritise risks, particularly in relation to jetty operations. This book describes a systematic risk management approach and is applied to two hypothetical installations, a town jetty and a remote jetty.

The focus is on the risk to human life and loss of business arising from jetty operations. In particular, an evaluation is given of the typical firefighting equipment available and the efficiency of these systems in preventing fires and lessening their effects.


This book aims to provide operators with an understanding of the risks associated with jetty operations and it broadly explains how these risks will vary depending on the type of jetty. The book should be used for reference only and is not intended to act as a study of specific site issues.


It is not possible to provide definitive indications of acceptable risks as they vary from site to site, and instead the document provides the tools for each facility to assess its own position. Once the risks have been evaluated, the facility can then take steps to remove or minimise them. The purpose of this book is to allow operators to:


• understand how to assess and evaluate a site’s performance in relation to safety risk

• be aware of the key risk factors

• appreciate the firefighting controls that will be the most effective

• benefit from risk savings from firefighting measures.


This book is aimed at supporting LPG operators who have expertise in managing potentially hazardous materials, providing a systematic risk management approach.