2017 Tom Henry's Key Word Index - Pocket Size

2017 Tom Henry's Key Word Index - Pocket Size

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Key word index to the 2017 NEC that you can put in your pocket!

Tom Henry has decided that the KEY WORD INDEX needs to be with the electrician and the inspector daily in the field as they discuss the Code rules so you can both quickly go to the section in the Code book and have a good conversation on the ruling.

Every word in the Code book put into an index with page numbers. Now you can find it in the Code in seconds! This book is a great study aid for electrical exams and is specially designed to increase your speed by getting you familiar with those hard to find references in the NEC. The key word index also includes references for key words not listed in the back of the code book! See what everyone is raving about and pick up your copy of the key word index today!

Note from Tom: Always remember, it is not the inspector's job to teach you the Code, you the installer of electrical equipment are to be knowledgeable of the Code Rules and where they are located in the Code book as you are the responsible person in the case of an accident in a court of law.

Sovereign immunity in the United States is the legal privilege by which the American federal, state, and tribal governments cannot be sued. This means the powers to be are exempt. Which means in some cases the inspector is not held responsible. Some states have comparative negligence which means in a law suit they can proportion the blame.

This is why I keep trying to educate the electrician in my writings and why continuing education is a must.

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