2017 Key Word Index HANDBOOK EDITION by Tom Henry

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: Tom Henry

: 9780998356136

: Paperback Book

Now available a Key Word Index for the 2017 NEC Handbook! The NEC Handbook is a favorite in the electrical industry with photos and comments with 1,254 pages, 435 more pages than the softback or looseleaf editions, it makes it more difficult trying to find the text with the keywording you are searching for. Now the Key Word Index for the NEC handbook will take you there quickly, locating over 3,000 keywords. After personally working with my son Tim locating over 3,000 words in the Handbook, they are much more difficult to locate due to the photos and text of the comments. I wouldn't want to be without one!!!

Author: Tom Henry 

  Item #423 - 2017 Key Word Index HANDBOOK EDITION

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