2016 Residential Service Agreements: A Benchmarking Guide (2016)

2016 Residential Service Agreements: A Benchmarking Guide (2016)

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2016 Residential Service Agreements: A Benchmarking Guide (2016)


You know that residential service and maintenance agreements (SMAs) are important to your business, but do you know how they fit into your bottom line and where they actually impact your overall revenues? ACCA has gathered data from contractors that will offer you statistically significant answers to questions you have on a very important part of your daily business operations. The survey looks at a number of factors such as: Number of Agreements, Sales, Renewals, Selling Techniques, Renewal Attempts, Service, Cost of Plans, Discounts, Marketing Costs and much more.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section I: Survey Results
  • Households Served
  • Annual Sales
  • Full-Time Technicians Employed
  • Service Agreements for New Installations
  • Customer Service Representative Upselling
  • Net Profit
  • Performance Tracking
  • Percent of Total Revenue
  • Full Service Agreements
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • 2015 Service Agreements
  • 2014 Service Agreements
  • Annual Renewal Percentage
  • Peak Renewal Months
  • 2016 Goal
  • Renewals Techniques
  • Renewals Attempts
  • Reasons for Non-Renewal
  • Length of Agreement
  • Number of Visits Included in Agreement
  • Service Agreements on New Equipment
  • Second Year Renewals on New Equipment
  • Auto-Renewing Agreements
  • Average Repair Ticket - Service Agreement Customers
  • Average Repair Ticket - Non-Service Agreement Customers
  • Service Included in Agreement
  • Energy Savings Plans
  • Time of Allotted For Service
  • Level of Technician Performing Service
  • Cost of Service Agreement
  • Discounts
  • Technician Pay for Selling Service Agreement
  • Sales Person Pay for Selling Service Agreements
  • Service Agreement Marketing
  • Service Agreement Marketing Costs
  • Cold Call Closing Rates
  • Polling Customers

Section II: Analysis of Results By Annual Revenues

  • Sales, Revenues, and Profits
  • New Installation Service Agreements
  • Average Repair Tickets
  • Service Agreements Generated
  • Sales Performance
  • Auto-Renewals
  • Energy Savings Plan Options