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dripping-faucet.jpgPlumbers are one of the, if not THE highest paid tradesmen. Average salaries for plumbers are now above $50,000 per year while a skilled plumber can make as much as $250,000 per year. Plumbers include pipefitters too. Come find out how you can get started in your career as a plumber. If you're already in the biz, we've got some great stuff for you too.

pen-icon.png  Checklist - Do You Have What It Takes to be a Plumber? - So you want to be a plumber? All the data looks good: great pay, job security, employment opportunities. But do you have what it takes to be a plumber? Do you even know what it takes? Here is a checklist that if you do have these qualities, there’s a good chance becoming a plumber is the career choice for you.

pen-icon.png  10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Plumber - These days, getting a job in the trades is a great idea. Most trades do not require a college education and salaries have never been higher. Of all the trades, plumbing is right there at the top. Here are 10 great reasons why you should become a plumber.

pen-icon.png  How to Become a Plumber - Of all the trades, none pays better than being a plumber. None has more of a variety of applications, and plumbers make good money no matter what the setting, whether it be commercial, industrial, or residential. In short, plumbers are less averse to the ups and downs of any given industry, virtually guaranteeing good pay and job security. But how do you become a plumber? That’s definitely the first step.

pen-icon.png  Taking the Plumbing Aptitude Test - Of course the first step in becoming a plumber is to become an apprentice, but in many cases before you can even do that you will have to pass the plumber’s aptitude test. While the questions on the test are not overly difficult, for some it may have been awhile since they were last in school. It’s a good idea to brush up on your basic testing skills before taking the exam, and to do that it’s even better to know what types of questions those will be.


  Slab Plumbing - Slab plumbing means running the pipes beneath the concrete foundation. Not every plumber is crazy about the idea, some citing that if the pipes ever need repair it would require digging a tunnel underneath the house like something right out of a prison break movie. Come check out and see if slab plumbing is for you.

pen-icon.png  Average Salaries for Plumbers - If you’re thinking about becoming a plumber, you’ve made the right choice. Plumber’s salaries are right there at the very top of the trades and they span across all kinds of industries, commercial and residential. The job market is almost always good for plumbers, and salaries are on the rise.


  Underground Plumbing: Building a House - Come see how an underground drain line is installed for new constructuction of a home. In this case, the goal is to show how to lay out the pipe in preparation for inspection.

pen-icon.png  Meet Charlie Mullins - The Plumber Millionaire - He is oftentimes referred to as Britain’s richest plumber. In fact, he may even be the world’s richest plumber. Charlie Mullins, managing director of Pimlico Plumbers, has proven what a determined plumber and his wrench can really do. Charlie came from a working-class background but is now a millionaire.

pen-icon.png  Plumbers & Pipefitters: Highest Average Earnings by Location - Being a plumber or a pipefitter may not be a glamorous job. They may not make movies about them, but as far as tradesmen go they are right at the top of the earnings scale. The average plumber makes almost $50,000 a year nationwide with job growth at almost double the national average. If your looking for a new profession, plumbing and pipefitting is right up there at the top.


  What Does a Pipefitter Do? - A pipefitter helps builds refineries, plants, and more. Come check out this great introductory video detailing exactly what it is pipefitters do and how they help build industry.

pen-icon.png  5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Pipefitter - With the recent oil and gas boom and an employment gap in manufacturing, there’s no better time like the present to get into a trade. Pipefitters are one of the highest paid of all the trades, with more job openings now than for decades. And yes, pipefitters are plumbers, but they are a very specialized type. A pipefitter installs, maintains and repairs pipes on big jobs, in industrial settings, not residential. Such jobs usually take place in power plants, factories, even oil refineries. While the job is dangerous, it is rewarding at the same time. Here are just 5 good reasons why you should become a pipefitter.


  Pipefitter Tools: Pipe Trades Pro Calculator 4095  - The Calculated Industries Pipe Trades Pro calculator helps professionals with pipe layouts and design. It is multipurpose and can be used to choose between different pipe materials, types, and sizes. It can calculate diameters, wall thickness, pressure information, and much more. This construction calculator is an excellent tool for pipefitters, steamfitters, sprinkler fitters, welders, and and is also great for dimensional and basic math calculations.

pen-icon.png  How to Become a Pipefitter - If you’ve ever thought about becoming a pipefitter, there’s no better time than now. Because of the recent oil and gas boom (and an employment gap in manufacturing), salaries for tradesmen have never been higher, and this is especially true for pipefitters.


  How to Read an Inch-based Pipe Schedule  - If you ever wondered if math is important to a pipefitter, the answer is Yes, Very Important. Learn to use an inch-based steel pipe schedule. The meaning and use of data is explained. Aluminum, copper and plastic pipes have their own schedules; same idea, different numbers.


  How to Read a Metric Pipe Schedule  - If you're a pipefitter then you know you need to know how to read a pipe schedule by the metric system as well. The meaning and use of data is explained. Aluminum, copper and plastic pipes have their own schedules; same idea, different numbers.

pen-icon.png  Salaries for Pipefitters - Of course one of the most important reasons for becoming a pipefitter is the pay. A pipefitter is a plumber, but there are differences. While a plumber may work in light commercial or even residential settings, a pipefitter is more suited to the large industrial jobs. While the job can sometimes be dangerous, job opportunities abound and salaries for pipefitters have never been better.

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