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Mechanical engineering is one the broadest types of engineering. It's also one of the oldest. Mechanical engineers work in most every industry from oil and gas to manufacturing and are some of the highest paid engineers. Come find out how you can get started in your career as a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineering Schools - Because mechanical engineering is one of the broadest disciplines in the engineering industry, there are literally hundreds of school out there where you can get your mechanical engineering degree. We have more than 700 in our list divided by state for your convenience, everything from certificates to your PhD.


Mechanical Engineering Schools Online - Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest of all the engineering disciplines. There are literally hundreds of traditional universities where you can get your mechanical engineering degree, everything from a certificate to your PhD. You can also get your education online. While there are not nealry as many schools that offer classes online, still we have compiled a list of 45 such online schools.


Mechanical Engineering Scholarships - Financial aid and scholarly recognition for undergraduat ve and graduate students is available through the ASME student program. ASME Scholarships are awarded annually to eligible ASME Student Members to aply. To be eligible, you must be a community college, college, or university student who is enrolled full-time in Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) studies.


 What Is a Mechanical Engineer? - Mechanical Engineering is not just one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines, it’s one of the broadest as well. Mechanical engineers design and manufacture machines of all kinds from for energy and heat, mathematics, engineering sciences, design and manufacturing.


 How to Become a Mechanical Engineer - Mechanical Engineering is not just one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines, it’s one of the broadest as well. Mechanical engineers design and manufacture machines of all kinds from for energy and heat, mathematics, engineering sciences, design and manufacturing.


  What You Can Do with Your Mechanical Engineering Degree - If you think having a mechanical enigneering degree is limited, thik again. Mechanical engineers work in all kinds of fascinating industries like robotics, biometrics, bioengineering, nuclear energy, combustion technologies, advanced energy systems, aerospace, automotive, and so much more. Come check out all the great thnigs you can do with a mechanical engineering degree.


 Top 5 Degrees for Mechanical Engineers - Mechanical Engineers are skilled in literally dozens of different fields. Some are more popular while others pay better. Here is our short list  of the best fields for mechanical engineers combining the two aspects, job popularity and level of pay.


  Mechanical Engineering and the Flying Car - An advanced prototype of the flying roadster AeroMobil 3.0 was unveiled in Vienna during the Pioneers Festival that celebrates entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. A beautifully designed fully functional prototype of a flying car developed and built in only 10 months.


 Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Schools in America - There are great schools for mechanical engineering all over the world, including right here in the US. US News & World Report did a survey of the best of the best when it comes to mechanical engineering colleges in America, and here are the results.


  Careers in Mechanical Engineering - Come see what real mechanical engineers have to say about what can be dome with a mechanical engineering degree. Careers range anywhere from manufacturing to even the financial sector.


 The Many Fields of Mechanical Engineering - Because mechanical engineering is so broad, the discipline is a part of most every type of industry, everything from manufacturing and automobiles to computers and robotics. The following is a list we’ve compiled that will help you get to know the wide array fields where mechanical engineers work.


  The Internal Combustion Engine: How It Works - Ever wonder how an internal combustion engine works? If you're thinking about becoming a mechanical engineer, you might want to specialize in the field of internal combustion engines. Come see how they really work in this great video.


  An Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems - Microelectromechanical Systems is the technology of very small devices; it merges at the nano-scale into nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) and nanotechnology. MEMS are also referred to as micromachines (in Japan), or micro systems technology – MST (in Europe).


 Salaries for Mechanical Engineers - Mechanical engineering is not just one of the broadest and most versatile of all the disciplines, it’s one of the highest paying as well. Mechanical engineers work in hundreds of industries, everything from aerospace to oil and gas. A mechanical engineer may find himself working in Hollywood, or even at NASA. The best part of course is that as a mechanical engineer you can command a very impressive salary.


 Best Companies to Work for: Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical engineers work in literally hundreds of different industries. While 40 percent of all mechanical engineers work in the manufacturing sector, you’d be surprised at the wide array of fields open to mechanical engineers these days, everything from Hollywood to outer space. Come check this great list we put together of some of the best companies to work for if you’re a mechanical engineers.


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